Multi-ethnicity and multi-culture are words that describe the Netherlands today. The country has become the melting pot of different cultures from people from various parts of the world. And the Netherlands has opened its arms to those who want to work and to stay in the country permanently. This is why you can find different races in the Netherlands. The mixture of people living in the country has been the gain of the Netherlands. If the government got voucher codes for each of the ones who permanently reside here, the country will double or even triple its income.

The increase of immigrants in the Netherlands has only created great effects to the country and to its cities. Because of the blending of different cultures in this country, the Netherlands was able to make use of the best of all the nations going here.


The theater

One of the big gains of the country in terms of the flock of people from different nations is the mix of classical theater, urban art, and street culture. The effects of the combination made a whole new genre for the theaters. They get more and more scripts related to this type of culture. Stories are being made that are connected to them. And the millennials continue to patronize this kind of shows both here and abroad. If you have not caught any of the performances that show multi-ethnicity, you need to make time to watch them. It will literally change your life.

The field of theater is wide and open to anyone who wants to explore more about humanities and arts. Although it might be intimidating for some people, but the truth is, the world of theater is open to anyone who would like to experience it. It is also not as expensive as they say it is because you can also get a discount just like when you use aliexpress vouchers when you shop online or whenever you use nike discount codes when you buy your favorite shoes. Especially in Amsterdam where art is a part of their lives, you should also experience it while you are there because not everyday that you will be in a city where they live and breathe art in their daily lives.

MC Theater

The MC Theater or Multi-Cultural Theater is one of the oldest mini-theaters in Amsterdam. It was first built in 1980 as a place where plays are watched and celebrated. People who love classical plays go to this theater to see the best performances from local and international artists. The top dramas and musical plays make at least one booking here to be watched and viewed by the Dutch and the tourists alike. The MC Theater is truly one of the iconic theaters in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, the MC Theater caught fire in the early 2000s which have caused the organizers to close the building. It was supposed to be closed forever until a group of businessmen invested in the theater and made dramatic renovations on the building. Both the exterior and the interior of the theater were remodeled and changed to adapt to the current trends and designs. The exterior was just restored to its original look to highlight the beauty of its design.

What we offer

The MC Theater offers a performance of artists from different parts of the globe. Because it is just a mini-theater with only 200 seats, it will be very difficult to make a reservation because of the number of people who want to watch plays and musicals. But you will get your chance to see the plays to be shown here especially if you got voucher codes and promo codes on tickets. It is best to book at least a month in advance to secure a seat. Other than plays, you can also visit MC Theater for the art exhibits and other events that are held every year.

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