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The MC Theater is one of the most sought out places to have events on because of its popularity and its name recall to almost everyone in the city. It is not about the number of seats in the audience for MC Theater. It is about getting the right schedule to watch a show. You will be needing to book at least a month in advance to get a seat in the theater. Voucher codes and special discounts run out very fast so you really have to register on our page to get updated with our offerings.

Art Exhibits

We have always supported art in various forms. And one of the prevailing art that needs to be put into a center stage is urban art. If you are not aware of urban art, it is the type that you see in the walls in the cities. Some might call them graffiti but we just call them art here. The mixture of colors and the combination of different sets of materials to paint capture the essence of self-expression. We usually have urban art exhibits every third quarter of the year.

Art exhibits of different themes are displayed in the MC Theater for people to adore and even buy. The entrance during exhibits are free and we also offer voucher codes to the first 100 customers who want to buy art. Be sure to register on our page in order to get these special discounts.

Acting workshop

For those who want to build a career in acting, you can sign up on our Summer Acting Workshop. The actors and directors of the plays that the company offers are very willing to teach the basics of acting, positioning, and picking the right spots on the stage. They will even talk about the stuff that you need to do before a play, during a play, and after a play.

This acting workshop only has limited slots. You have to sign up as early as you can in order to secure a spot. Be sure to come on time in order to take advantage of all the impartations that the veterans will share to you.