Tips on Getting Good Tickets on a Play

When you really want to get a ticket to see your favorite play, you would do everything that you can to acquire those tickets. But even if you do your best, you may still lose to some other guy or girl and not buy a single ticket for yourself. You will be left sulking and imagining what you could have done to get a ticket. Fortunately for you, we have inside access on what you should do to get those sought-after tickets.


Register on the website

One of the best tips on this list is to register on the website of the theater that you want to watch your favorite play in. For example, MC Theater has a registration program that offers its subscribers voucher codes, and other special discounts if they sign up and pay as early as possible. The earlier you pay, the higher the discount. And these offers & coupons are on a first-come-first-served basis. So you really have to get those fingers and your wallet ready in order to get your hands on some tickets.

Wait in lineline up

If you are naturally patient and have all the time in the world, you can wait in line days before the ticketing opens. This method is especially true if a play is very in-demand. You have to bring your trusted tent and jacket in order to be the first ones in line to buy a ticket. Some prices when you wait in line may vary depending on the production of the ticket.

Standing room

If you cannot find any tickets available when you shop online or look at selling websites, you can instead opt for a standing room ticket. These tickets are less expensive compared to the normal tickets. But the difference here is that you will be standing at the back of the orchestra hall for the whole duration of the performance. If you are okay with that, you should get a standing room ticket.

Use your student card

In this step, you have to inquire first if the theater offers discounts for students. If they do, then you should use your student ID and get tickets that are less than the original.