What is Urban Art?

Most of you may not be aware of what urban art is. You may have seen this kind of art when you are commuting from your home to your office. You may hold it at least once when you are playing basketball with your friends. You may even have a shirt with urban art on it. What exactly is urban art? How do people create urban art?

Urban art

Urban refers to the city and the modernized places in any part of the world. Huge buildings, bricked walls, business districts all represent urban society. Art is an expression of one’s self by using skills, be it through years of practice and training or through normal or natural talents. When you combine the two words, urban art is a form of self-expression performed in an urban setting. Urban art is primarily the art that you see on building walls. People call this form of art as graffiti. For quite some time, graffiti has gotten a bad meaning because kids and even adults draw on these walls or buildings illegally or without permission. But when the owner of the structure voluntarily allowed people to draw urban art on his walls, then the term is actually redeemed.

Artists behind urban arturban art

The most popular artists who are recognized in creating awesome urban art are Banksy and Adam Neate. Because of these famous artists, they have also brought urban art to high levels. This kind of art has made it into mainstream culture. You will see urban art now more than ever. Even basketball courts right now are voluntarily being designed with urban art. Walls are now adorned with urban art to attract customers’ attention and get initiated marketing of their products to people.

MC Theater

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